Onederful Games has released its first Game!


Last year, I entered a game design contest to create a game that fit on 2 sheets of paper. The game could only use certain pieces, and it had to be finished in less than 3 months. Kaleidoscope is the result of that contest, and it is also the first game I have ever published!

Kaleidoscope is available for purchase today from The Game Crafter

From Concept to Contest

Kaleidoscope is a colorful combination of palette blending and token movement. Each turn, roll four colored dice to create a color pattern for your token to follow. Primary colors can be combined to create new colors. Turn an obstacle into an opportunity by hopping over your opponent’s pieces, or your own!

Kaleidoscope was voted into the semifinals for the Community Anthology Project, and placed 4th out of 90 entries. The judging for the finalists is still on-going, so check back later to see if it wins!

Kaleidoscope ships without a box to keep the cost of the game as low as possible. If you would be interested in a premium version of this game with a rigid game board and box, please use the contact seller feature to let me know.

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