2021 – Summer Update!

Summer is here, and in my family that means board games in the evening after a long hard day of playing. Here are some updates on the games we are working on – some of which you can play with your family this summer.

Crowded Kitchen

Artist: Marie Heart

My latest creation is for the Small Box Challenge, hosted by Small Furry Games and The Game Crafter.

Crowded Kitchen is a real time, set collection card game. Players compete to complete recipes as fast as they can while fighting over limited ingredients. This game is fast, chaotic, and crazy fun. I have loved play testing it with my friends and family, and cannot wait until I can make it available to all of you.

If know someone who loves games like fast, fun, card games like Dutch Blitz, Nerts, Spoons, or Kemps, invite them to join our email list so they will hear when Crowded Kitchen ready, later this year.

See more about Crowded Kitchen on the games page of our site

The Clearing

Collect all types of critters, from creepy crawlies to trash pandas, to the top of the food chain! Migrate habitats to power up abilities. Play through all four seasons, each bringing its own changes to The Clearing.

Progress continues on the one and only deck building, food chain game. The Clearing has now been in development for over a year, with hundreds of hours spent on design and over 50 play tests. Once the design contest with Crowded Kitchen is over, I’ll focus on revamping the rulebook and art assets for The Clearing to match all the updates and progress that has been made.

To see more on The Clearing here.


Kaleidoscope is a colorful combination of palette blending and token movement. Each turn, roll four colored dice to create a color pattern for your token to follow. Primary colors can be combined to create new colors. Turn an obstacle into an opportunity by hopping over your opponent’s pieces, or your own!

My first published game is available for purchase. This simple, parlor style game doesn’t come with a box which keeps it cheap and makes a perfect gift for anyone that loves classic games but wants to try something new.

You can purchase Kaleidoscope now!

And More!

Onederful Games is continuing to work on several other game ideas. Most are too early in testing to share much on now, but rest assured there will be more to share at the next update!

Say Hello

I love your feedback and ideas. You can find me on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, or you can send me an email at Onederfulgames@gmail.com

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