Crowded Kitchen CROWD SALE Announcement

Have you heard the news? I am so excited to announce that I am self publishing Crowded Kitchen, and to celebrate we are kicking things off this October with a Crowd Sale! You can sign up TODAY to be notified when you can order a copy.

Sign up for the Crowded Kitchen Sale today!

Onederful Games, with the help of The Game Crafter, has arranged a ONE-TIME opportunity to offset the costs of small scale production and get Crowded Kitchen to you at the cheapest I can make it. During this sale, Crowded Kitchen starts at $10 OFF the normal retail price, and that price drops even more as sales increase.

Never heard of Crowded Kitchen? Here is a 1 minute video with everything you need to know.

To learn more, check out Crowded Kitchen on The Game Crafter.

During this crowd sale, each copy of Crowded Kitchen sold makes the game cheaper for every person that has bought it. So buy a copy (or 2) and share this sale with anyone you know who loves fun and wants to support an indie game designer (that’s me).

Pre-register for the sale today so you don’t miss it. Head on over to The Game Crafter and click “Remind Me”.

Share this link with others – Crowded Kitchen Crowd Sale – Remember, the more sales we get, the cheaper your copy of Crowded Kitchen becomes!

There is no commitment required. By clicking “Remind Me”, you will receive a notification when the sale begins.

Don’t forget to share this link with your friends, your family, and anyone you know who likes to play games. Just forward this email to them. You can also share the news on Twitter using the Tweet option below.

The Crowded Kitchen Crowd Sale begins Oct 12. Sign-up today at


You can find me on TwitterYouTubeInstagram, Facebook, or you can send me an email at

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