The Clearing

A deck building, food chain game

Starting only with humble plants, can you lure the apex animals to your deck? Feed, migrate, and gather your way through four unique habitats before Winter’s end brings the game to a close.

  • 2-4 Players
  • Ages 10+

Game Idea

The Clearing is a game about climbing up the food chain. Starting with a deck of leaves, berries, and worthless trash, players will use their resources to attract animals into their ever-growing collection. Small animals can be fed plants, like berries, and those animals in turn can be used to feed even larger ones. Plus, cards also have other uses/ With 28 unique skills and abilities, each new turn is sure to keep players on their toes! The ever-changing habitats and seasons add a fresh twist to each play through, and are sure to keep players coming back for more.

Where to Buy

The Clearing can be purchased from TheGameCrafter

The Clearing should be available for purchase in mid 2021

Game Components

1 Rulebook (includes QR code for scoring sheet)
48 Unique Ecosystem cards
4 Quick Rule Guides 1 Game Mat (2 pieces)
2 Bear tokens
72 Additional Cards

Downloadable Resources

Rulebook PDF
Score Sheet

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